Wednesday, March 1, 2017


February Hours: 8.5
Total semester Hours: 18

Mardi Gras has officially concluded, and I can say with confidence that being in New Orleans to celebrate Carnival and Mardi Gras for the first time has been one of the most unique and enriching experiences of my life thus far.  From participating in the parades over the past weeks, to researching and learning more about some of the historical Krewes that have been an integral part of this city’s fiber for centuries, to walking in the streets with Mardi Gras Indians, this Carnival season for me personally has represented a celebration of life and health, family, and friendships - vital things that we easily take for granted. As the season has concluded, I feel immense gratitude – for New Orleans, for Tulane, and for this program. I will never forget!

We concluded our last block exam this month, and while on Mardi Gras break, I plan to begin preparations for our shelf exam. It’s amazing how much information we’ve absorbed over the course of a few months, and I’m looking forward to reinforcing what we’ve learned over the next few weeks. At Anna’s Place this month, the students had tons of fun over the past few weeks decorating their costumes for the Red Bean Parade that they were invited to participate in. Mardi Gras season truly is one of the most important holidays for every resident of the city, especially for children. At the Medical Mission, I’ve continued to gain invaluable experience working one-on-one with our visitors/patients, and as time has passed, I continue to feel more and more comfortable and relaxed while taking blood pressures and blood glucose, and recommending healthy lifestyle choices. I’m actually getting ready to volunteer for my shift at the clinic as I write!

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